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How would it be if someone told you that when you were in your 70’s you could have the cardiovascular health of someone in their 40’s, and the muscle fitness of a person in their 20’s?  Wouldn’t you be excited and intrigued to know more?  

According to a recent study the key is to be a lifelong exerciser! The study found that people that had exercised regularly, year after year, and averaged 75 years of age had the heart health of a 40 year old and muscle health of a 20 year old!  

This study was conducted at Ball State University, in Muncie Indiana.  According to Scott Trappe, PhD, Director of Human Performance at Ball State U:  “We saw that people that exercise regularly, year after year, have better overall health.  These 75 yr olds ~ men and women ~ have similar cardiovascular health to a 40 – 45 yr old. Exercise wins is the take home message!”

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