Bellevue Nutrition | The Raisin Meditation**

The raisin meditation can make eating a more mindful process by helping us to pay attention.

1. Place one raisin on a table.

2. Imagine you’ve just been dropped to Earth, with no experiences.  You’ve never seen nor tasted a raisin.  Take a few deep breaths.

3. Look at the raisin carefully. Notice its curves, wrinkles, shiny parts and dull parts.

4. Pick up the raisin.  Feel its weight.

5. Roll the raisin between your fingers.  Listen to its sound.  Feel its stickiness.

6. Smell the raisin.

7. Notice how you feel about the raisin.

8. Place the raisin in your mouth and hold it there. Do not bite down.  What do you taste?

9. Bite down on the raisin once. What do you notice?

10. Slowly chew. What do you experience with each bite?

11. Chew the raisin until it is liquid in your mouth, before you swallow.

12. Swallow the raisin.

13. Close your eyes for a few breaths and consider what you just experienced.

 **Idea Fitness Journal, March 2019

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