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“Green Exercise” ~ being physical outdoors ~ not only feels terrific but confers a multitude of benefits. Activities such as running, cycling, walking, gardening, fishing and horseback riding, to name a handful, have all been shown to deliver physical, mental and even spiritual rewards. In fact, in Japan, Shinrin-Yoku, or forest bathing, is a popular health inducing and stress busting practice!

Being active in nature has many advantages over being inside or on city streets:

  • More stress relief
  • Clear thinking
  • Improved attention/concentration
  • Enhanced mood & more happiness!
  • Less anxiety
  • Greater self confidence
  • More vitality
  • Feelings of being refreshed
  • Reduced pain sensations
  • Less fatigue for the same amount of work
  • Improved quality and quantity of sleep
  • Enhanced mindfulness

Regarding sports performance, studies show added advantages to training outside:

  • Enhanced performance
  • Increased satisfaction
  • Less perceived effort
  • Less tension, confusion, anger or depression
  • More feelings of being refreshed, restored & revitalized
  • Better mood
  • Better flow

ShinrinYoku: Forest bathing is considered preventive medicine in Japan. Though not at all ‘exercise’ it is a traditional Japanese practice that involves walking mindfully in a forest. This practice is primarily for stress reduction and focuses on mindfully encountering nature with all five senses.

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