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Though the catchy slogan ‘Sitting is the New Smoking’ has been bantered about the past few years, it turns out to be absolutely NOT true! The risk of smoking far outweighs the burden of a sedentary lifestyle. According to the study author, Terry Boyle, PhD, an epidemiologist at the U of South Australia, Adelaide: “The simple fact is, smoking is one of the greatest public health disasters of the past century. Sitting is not, and you can’t really compare the two.”

A study conducted in 2018 lead by nine researchers from the U.S., Canada, and Australia found that people who sit excessively (more than one hour a day) have a 10 – 20% higher risk of dying from some cancers, cardiovascular disease (CVD), and chronic disease than those who are more active. By contrast, smokers have more than twice the risk of dying of cancer and CVD, and a more than 1,000 times greater risk of getting lung cancer than non-smokers.

The researchers involved in the study positively support public health efforts to help people change sitting habits, just as there have been campaigns to reducing smoking. As sitting is not addictive the researchers believe public health efforts to reduce sedentary behaviors and increase activity levels will be successful.

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