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Most of us are now aware of the benefits of HIIT (High Intensity Training) as a cutting edge, time effective workout. Below are a couple circuit sequences you might like to try, but first ~ a quick review of the use of various pieces of HIIT equipment:

Kettlebell Swings: Very important to keep a slight bend in the legs. Drive and explode from the legs and hips.

Box Jumps: Do NOT attempt to both jump up and down from the box as it’s very hard on the knees. Jump up to the box, stand up tall, then step down.

Burpees with Medicine Ball Toss: Jump your feet back, stand up tall, toss the MB overhead or to a partner you may be training with.

Ring or TRX Rows: Brace the abdominal muscles and gluteals, and keep the body straight as you lower down and pull back up.

Dynamic Pushups: Once you are in the ‘up’ portion of the pushup and your arms are straight, try to momentarily leave the ground.

Jump Squats: Squat down; from the bottom of the squat explode upwards, bringing your knees into your chest.

For the circuits listed below begin with two circuits, and progress up to five. In between the circuits spend 2 – 3 minutes in active recovery (brisk walking/elliptical training/cycling)

Circuit 1Circuit 2
Kettlebell SwingsJump Squats
Box Jumps with Step DownDynamic Pushups
Burpees with MB TossRing or TRX Rows
Ring or TRX RowsBox Jumps with Step Down
Dynamic PushupsKB Swings
Jump SquatBurpees with MB Toss

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