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As a fitness pro, I understand how important it is for my clients to build muscle mass ~ for so many different reasons.  To name just a few, lean body mass is important for functional health, as a way to lose body fat, or maintain current levels, and for overall health.  According to current research, medical professionals (ie; MD’s) should also be promoting this message to their patients!  “Muscle mass should be looked at as a new vital sign,” says Carlo Prado, Ph.D., RD, associate professor at the U of Alberta, Canada, principal investigator for the study.

By identifying and treating low muscle mass medical professionals can vastly improve their patients’ health.  Prado’s comments were based on a review of over 140 studies in outpatient, inpatient and long term care that looked at the correlation between low body mass and poor health. In a nutshell, people with low muscle mass had more surgical and post-op complications, longer hospital stays, lower physical function, poorer quality of life, and shorter lives overall.  

Whether you choose to workout in the privacy of your home, join a group exercise class at the gym, or simply invest in a good quality personal trainer such as myself, it’s NEVER too late to get started on better health and longevity!

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