Bellevue Personal Training | Cutting Back on Facebook Time May Lower Stress Levels

Got stress?  A new study from the University of Queensland in Australia shows that taking time away from FB may help.  The study included 138 FB users who were asked to either take a 5-day break from FB use or maintain current use while self-reporting on well-being and stress levels, and who also underwent salivary cortisol tests before and after the study.

The findings, which were published in the Journal of Social Psychology showed that those who took time off from FB had a lowered cortisol level.  However, those who did so also reported a decrease in life satisfaction and said they looked forward to resuming their FB time.   

Eric Vanman, Ph.D., and lead study author said: “Facebook has become an essential social tool for millions of users, and it obviously provides many benefits.  Yet, because it conveys so much social information about a large network of people it can also be taxing.  It seems that people take a break because they’re too stressed, but return to Facebook  whenever they feel unhappy because they have been cut off from their friends.”

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