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The Hunger Scale is a useful tool that can help one eat in a more mindful, intuitive style. The key here is to avoid extremes with your eating, feeling neither starved nor “Thanksgiving Full”.  Using the scale below, strive to stay in the 4, 5 or 6 zone, with light snacking occurring in the 3 or 2 zone, avoiding the ‘red zone’ eating of either 1 or 10.

1:  So starved you are weak or dizzy.

2:  Extremely hungry; likely feeling irritable with lots of stomach growling.

3:  Less famished:  hungry enough for occasional stomach growling.

4:  Mildly hungry; often after a light snack.

5:  Satiated; neither hungry nor full.

6:  Mildly full but no discomfort.

7:  Full enough to have mild discomfort

8:  Stuffed enough for notable discomfort

9:  “Thanksgiving stuffed”, often with notable discomfort

10:  Full to the point of feeling sick.

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