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Some of the healthiest foods ~ broccoli, kale, radicchio ~ also tend to be the most bitter. Of course, that is exactly why many people don’t eat these foods.  Oddly enough, it turns out that the secret to eating more bitter tasting foods is just that:  to eat more bitter tasting foods!!  

Recent research pointed to the ‘secret’ of this phenomenon is in our saliva.  Researchers found a change in the saliva of those who drank unsweetened chocolate almond milk three times a day for a week  (unsweetened cocoa is naturally very bitter).  The composition of the saliva of those involved in this study changed, and there was an increase in the proteins that bind to astringent (bitter) foods, which made the milk taste less bitter!

It turns out that saliva influences our perception of flavor, so the more raw broccoli you eat the more you will be able to eat. The same applies for black coffee or dark chocolate’ the bonus here being you won’t need the sugar to sweeten the bitter flavor, and the less sugar in our diets the better all around.

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