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It appears that the average American spends four times as much time watching Netflix as they do exercising!  A recent analysis by the Streaming Observer showed that the average Netflix user spends approximately 71 minutes a day watching Netflix. Sadly, other data shows the average American spends only 17 minutes a day with some type of exercise. 

Ken Alan, a lecturer in the Dept of Kinesiology, at Cal State U, Fullerton, suggests people make a commitment to doing 20 minutes of exercise, daily, for every 60 minutes of TV watched.  He even recommended that some exercise could be done while watching a show ~ especially if others are watching too. Stretching,  any resistance tubing exercises, Yoga postures.  You don’t necessarily have to choose between exercise and TV!

Here are the dismal results of How We Spend Our Free Time  

Watching Netflix:   71 minutes per day

Socializing:   39 minutes per day

Time with Family:   36 minutes per day

Facebook:   27 minutes per day

Exercise:   17 minutes per day

Reading:   16 minutes per day


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