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A problem that is puzzling researchers is why many people who add exercise to their lifestyle fail to loose weight. It seems that many who begin an exercise program end up compensating for the extra effort by either eating more, resting more, or both.

In an effort to solve this dilemma a study was conducted by randomly selecting overweight and obese men and women into two groups, for 12 weeks of training. Group #1 exercised 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, burning 1,500 calories a week. Group #2 exercised one hour a day, 5 days a week, burning 3,000 calories each week.

Investigators measured body composition, resting metabolic rate and dietary intake both before and after the study. The data analyzed showed Group #1 lost little if any weight, whereas Group #2 did loose weight, and some members lost at least 5% body fat! Researchers also noted that no matter the group exercisers were in a certain amount of compensation did occur~ approximately 900 kcal per week. They concluded that 1,500 calories consumed each week wasn’t enough, but 3,000 was.

*What this study doesn’t mention is a BIG ‘something’ that I have noticed in my more than 20 years of helping clients with their weight loss goals: As we exercise we gain muscle mass. Two important things occur when this gain happens. We rev up our metabolism, which helps us burn incoming calories at a faster rate. Secondly, the more lean body mass (muscle) one has the more calories are required to ‘feed’ that lean mass. An added benefit is that having the extra muscle helps use up some of that stored body fat! All this leads to a Happy New You ☺

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