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The sad truth is that kids are neither as active nor as healthy as they were 20 years ago. TV, video games, ipads, phones ~ all pull our kids in a more sedentary direction. We have only to look at the skyrocketing rates of juvenile obesity and diabetes to see that this is true. Poor nutrition often accompanies a sedentary lifestyle. These conditions, and more, can be much improved by encouraging an active lifestyle. The experts say that specific behaviors and tendencies among the young translate into active (and healthier) adults.


Participation in organized sports
High level of overall fitness
High grade in PE class
High perceived sports competence (girls)


Having 5 days per week of PE within the curriculum, in middle school and high school
Being physically active in intense, endurance sports, such as running, triathalons or cross country skiing
High parental education and income


High perceived sports competence
Wanting to loose weight
Wanting to be physically fit
Using a neighborhood fitness center


Participation in ice hockey
Playing sports outside of school
Having active fathers

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