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Your mother was right ~ breakfast is the most important meal! In much the same manner that you want to ‘prime the pump’ by drinking a glass of water first thing each morning, so, too, do you want to eat a good breakfast to jump start your metabolism each day! As our bodies are in a fasting state and blood sugar levels are at their lowest each morning, what we eat for breakfast sets up our metabolism for an entire day ~ impacting our energy levels, appetite stability, supercharging hormones, and more ~ or not Far too common is no breakfast at all, leaving the house at break neck speed, maybe grabbing a doughnut and coffee at the nearest convenience store.

Benefits of a Good Breakfast

*Good focus and energy throughout the day.

*We set the stage for healthier eating throughout the day (read: no binge eating!).

*Improves memory and cognition.

*New research into the field of happiness indicates regular breakfast eaters are happier than those who go without.

*Stable blood sugar and optimal hormone levels, promoting satiety and weight stability.

Breakfast ideas

*Eggs, fruit and coffee.

*Oatmeal with dried or fresh fruit, nuts, and milk.

*Yogurt (greek yogurt has the highest protein level), with all manner of nuts and fruit. Be sure to use a yogurt with active cultures!

*Smoothies, incorporating protein powders ranging from egg/milk/pea protein to vegan sources; your choice of almond/peanut butter/fish oil or avocado; fruits and veggies.

*When nothing else is available a latte’ and protein bar may suffice for a few hours.

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