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Eating fish that are high in Omega-3 fatty acids can strengthen your bones and lead to a healthier heart. Current research also points to an inverse relationship between fish high in Omega-3’s and risk of hip fractures. The recommendation is a minimum of two fish meals a week. Unfortunately, eating fish and chips won’t cut it! A caveat ~ though farmed salmon has a higher Omega 3 level than wild I consider it unsafe to eat as it’s a genetically modified fish.

FISHOMEGA 3’s (per 3 oz svg)
Mackerel2.3 gms
Farmed Salmon2.1 gms
Anchovies1.7 gms
Black Cod1.4 gms
Sardines1.3 gms
Pickled Herring1.2 gms
Wild Sockeye Salmon1.0 gms
Canned White Tuna0.8 gms
Farmed Rainbow Trout0.8 gms
Halibut0.4 gms
Mussels0.4 gms

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