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As a nation we continue to become more overweight and obese. As a result, chronic disease has increased across the board. Diets (which by their very name spell failure) have continued to disappoint. Now we have the anti-diet approach: Intuitive Eating! Intuitive eating encourages us to listen to and honor our internal cues for both hunger and fullness, notice energy levels, and which foods we reach for to achieve comfort. The goal is to establish a more comfortable relationship with food, not eat for perfection. Children are a wonderful example of intuitive eaters ~ when provided with nutritious, tasty foods they tend to choose foods that meet their nutritional needs. Check out the key concepts below and see if they resonate.

Restores trust in out body: By respecting our internal cues of hunger and fullness trust in out bodies is restored. Dieting, conversely, imposes strict external cues on our eating.

Helps us make peace with food: Dieting imposes judgement as to what foods are bad: usually high calorie/low nutrient foods. Intuitive eating encourages a neutral perspective, thereby helping heal many peoples’ relationships with food.

Addresses emotional eating: Many people get temporary emotional relief from eating “bad” foods, only to have that emotional relief replaced by guilt afterwards. Intuitive eating allows us to be compassionate with self, and also explore solutions to emotional issues that are not food related.

Practice gentle nutrition: Intuitive eating defines healthy eating as having a ‘healthy balance of foods and a healthy relationship to food’. The key to success with this is releasing the moral judgement the diet culture has surrounding certain foods.

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