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Acclaimed as a leader in psychology and happiness, Robert Holden, Ph.D, promotes happiness, love, and joy as a means to a life of purpose and success. In fact, Holden is best known for his Happiness Project, founded in 1994. As such, he urges us to choose happiness NOW, to transform our lives! “The pursuit of happiness must always fail because it is based on a lie ~ happiness is not outside you. Until you change the belief that happiness is somewhere else you will never quite make it” says Holden.

How happy are you? Doctor Holden created the Happiness Test as an assessment tool: Below are Holden’s “10 Ways to Increase Your Happiness”.

Self: Learn what you love, what you are made of, what inspires you. The more you know yourself the happier you’ll be.

Relationships: Identify your most important relationships and decide how you can be a true friend to your loved ones.

Work: Love your work and have a strong sense of purpose.

Attitude: Decide you will be happy right now! Much of our happiness rests with our intention to be so, without any change in our external environment.

Gratitude: Practice gratitude and it will shift your perspective to a more positive place!

Forgiveness: Let go of past hurts and disappointments ~ this will literally free you from suffering.

Humor: Let yourself have fun! Be spontaneous and live more lightly.

Health: Take care of your own well-being.

Spirituality: Know (or find out!) what inspires, supports and uplifts you. Spirituality will connect you to your “being”, so you don’t get lost in going, doing and having.

Now: Be present in your daily life. Living in the past or future is a chief cause of unhappiness. for more healthy living blogs. Thank you ☺

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