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Muscle growth, or hypertrophy, is a common goal for people hitting the weight room and/or seeking advice from fitness pros. Researchers in Lancaster England reviewed relevant scientific papers to find the best means for achieving this goal. Primary factors were training volume, load, training frequency, training to momentary muscle failure, exercise variation, contraction type, exercise order, repetition temp, and interest recovery. Below is a sample of their conclusions:

Training volume: The majority of the researchers suggested that 5 sets of an exercise versus 1 or 3 had greater links to hypertrophy.

Load: Though both high and low load training proved effective, high load training is one of the most common growth protocols.

Training Frequency: How often a person trains a set of muscles is highly dependent on experience. That said, experienced athletes may require a greater frequency of training to cause muscle growth compared to untrained individuals.

Conclusions were mixed with other factors. One of the primary recommendations from the researchers (if a person was interested in muscle growth) was to find a fitness pro that was open-minded, with the intention to find out what was best for their client. Additionally, a fitness pro that conducts regular, relevant strength tests (bench press, etc.), body composition tests, and keeps a well-documented training and nutrition diary for their client, is in the best position to facilitate hypertrophy.

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