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Now that the warmer weather is here and we’re putting on shorts, tank tops and dresses, it’s fairly common for the ‘OMG, what happened??’ response, as we go from wearing clothes that completely cover us to clothes that are very revealing! While 4 – 5 days of cardio done within your Target Heart Rate is a good overall rule, this time of year calls for drastic measures, so let’s pull out all the stops!! Here are two tried and true cardio techniques that I recommend to clients, and use myself.

Go Hard: This strategy is fabulous when you are limited on time. However, this technique also requires far more recovery, so I strongly recommend only doing this once or twice a week. Interval Training (or HIIT Training) burns tons of calories in a short amount of time and keeps your metabolic rate high for hours (some studies show as much as 24!) following the workout. Each time you do this workout please be sure and allow for adequate time for warm up and cool down, ie: stretching.

Please refer to an earlier blog of mine, “The Why’s and Hows’ of HIIT Training”, for more info.

Go Very Long: Long runs, bike rides or hikes, usually done for 1.5-2 hours or longer. I find I get the most benefit if I’m out for 4 – 5 hours. During this type of training muscles ‘learn’ how to use fat more effectively and over time become better fat-burning machines. Why is this so? Because going long stimulates mitochondrial synthesis, which promotes the depletion of glycogen, threatening the muscles’ survival. (The mitochondria are the battery pack of each cell, and responsible for manufacturing energy) In response to this threat, the muscles use fat more efficiently; the more you do it, the better it works!

Presto ~ you’ve just dropped 10, 20, or 30#! Have a wonderful summer ☺

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