Bellevue Personal Training | Never Skip Leg Day: Part Two

Here’s the latest dirt on the advantages of ‘leg day’: Lower body strength helps back pain in runners! Researchers in Singapore have found that runners experiencing low back pain may want to add squats and lunges into their weekly routine.  

A recent study, involving 84 recreational runners compared three treatment types to see which was more successful in helping runners with chronic low back pain. The runners completed 8 weeks of lower limb training, which also included lumbar extensor or lumbar stabilization exercises. Runners reported their pain levels during this training, and were also tested on running ability, lower leg strength, back muscle function and running gait, both during and after the study.  

All groups experienced relief with low back pain, and also improved back muscle function. The authors concluded: “Lower limb exercise therapy could be a new option for chronic low-back pain management given its superior effects in improving running capability, knee extension strength, and running gait.”

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