Bellevue Nutrition | Alcohol May Increase Your Risk for Cancer

Earlier studies regarding alcohol consumption for men and women indicated that a low to moderate intake could lead to lower risk for cardiovascular disease and even diabetes. However, new information indicates that even a small amount of alcohol could lead to cancer.

A report published in the January issue of Clinical Oncology cites evidence linking alcohol consumption to various cancers. Even one drink a day can slightly increase a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer. ‘Moderate’ drinkers, (one drink for a woman/two for men) to ‘heavy’ drinkers (8+ drinks for a woman/15 for a man), face a two to five times higher risk for liver, mouth, throat, esophageal and colorectal cancers!

Of concern is that our bodies break down alcohol into acetaldehyde, a carcinogen that can lead to DNA mutations and ultimately cancer. An added concern is that binge drinking is on the rise in America, among all segments of the population. Wine glasses that have gotten bigger over the past few decades can also cause us to imbibe more. Unless you are a woman, at high risk of breast cancer, the study doesn’t suggest abstinence is the answer. Rather, if you want to reduce your risk for cancer consider drinking fewer drinks, much less often!

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