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Below are some tips to cut calories, whether dining out or eating at home. Save those calories for something really tremendous, that you really do want!!

When dining at a restaurant: Choose oil-based rather than creamy dressings. Always choose grilled meat rather than fried! Choose whole grain breads over white. Order sorbet or fresh fruit for dessert, skipping the high cal cheesecake or tarts. When ordering a sandwich ask for mustard instead of mayo.

Surviving the All You Can Eat Buffets: Make conversation with others your central focus ~rather than eating everything in sight! Never wear loose-fitting clothes!!! Choose only foods you love, and fill up on veggies, fruit, and salads. Make a commitment to yourself to eat only one dinner size plate of food. What do you do if everything is in delicious, and in abundance? I’ve been to marvelous seafood restaurants with just such a dilemma, and just hoped that my strenuous workout beforehand would hold me in good stead!!

Cutting calories at home: Never eat anything out of a bag or container! Put the food (chips are a good example) in a bowl or on a plate to see how much you are really eating. The ‘Rule of One’ is a great example to follow. Allow yourself only one helping of each food served, with the exception of low glycemic veggies. Serve the main dish on a salad plate, rather than a larger dinner plate. Don’t leave food sitting on the counter when you are done! When preparing meals to freeze leftovers in single size containers. Check packaged foods for added sugars (frozen dinners/pasta sauce/salad dressings/ bread). Buy as much food as possible unsweetened, and sweeten with either a high-quality xylitol (Non-GMO), or honey.

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