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The word Diet, alone, dooms it to failure. Research has shown, once again, that an ‘eating lifestyle’ is the only approach that works for most people.  Furthermore, the eating lifestyle is very individual and needs to be tailored to each individual.  Here’s the result of the current research.  

Dieters are confused by media messages: Media messages abound as to what IS the right type of eating.  Low fat?  Low carb? Vegan? Paleo?  For many dieters embarking on healthier eating and weight loss, this can be beyond bewildering!

Many dieters have poor self esteem, coupled with poor body image: Repeated diet failure leads to increasingly poor self esteem and negative body image.

‘Heath improvement’ alone doesn’t motivate people to loose weight: Most dieters’ primary motivation for doing so is achieving a better appearance.

Many dieters struggle with food cravings: Most diets restrict various foods/food groups, setting the stage for cravings. This restriction process can cause dieters to loose control and binge eat.

Many dieters have changes of self esteem while on a diet: If, while on a particular diet, the dieter falls off the wagon, it can contribute to even lower self esteem.

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