Personal Training Bellevue | Physical Abilities of Women vs Men

New research now proves that our genetics, physiology, and response to exercise is vastly different from men. This data lends credence to the fact that we should definitely train for our strengths!

  • Women have more slow twitch fibers than men and a metabolism which more efficiently enables them to burn fat as fuel.
  • Keeping the above data in mind, women have a more endurance oriented energy profile.  This means that during strength training higher reps are more effective than lower ones with more load.
  • Women are able to handle more overall volume during workouts, thanks to estrogen!
  • Women do better with steady-state training, rather than HIIT training, since sugar metabolism fuels the latter (and we burn fat efficiently). For that reason, we should also not do much explosive (plyometric) training. On the average, we’ll require more recovery than a man for either HIIT or plyo work.
  • Steady state cardio (running/riding at a steady pace) and slower weightlifting techniques are more effective for us.
  • Women produce less metabolic byproducts than men.
  • We can train more frequently than men and usually don’t need as much rest between sets/workouts.

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