Personal Training Bellevue | Top 10 Exercises to Build Muscle & Burn Fat

The exercises I’m about to give you have been around for years, with good reason! All are ‘resistance exercises’ done with barbells or dumbbells ~ not machines, which tend to take off some of the load, essentially helping with the work. By gradually increasing the weight (or resistance) over time you’ll build muscle. Since your muscle mass is a good portion of your metabolism, you’ll also naturally lose weight as a result!

Check YouTube for videos on proper function, or engage the services of a competent Fitness Professional, such as myself, to get you started on the right foot. ☺ Go slow, starting with one set of each exercise, 10 – 12 repetitions, then work up to 2 or 3 sets.

1. Bent Over Row (Back)
2. Squats (Legs/Glutes)
3. Bent Leg Deadlifts* (Legs/Glutes/Back/Shoulders) *Safest for low back
4. Lunges ~ Forward, Reverse or in place (Legs/Glutes)
5. Pull-ups (Back/Arms)
6. Pushups (Chest/Shoulders/Tricep)
7. Bicep Curl (Biceps)
8. Lying Tricep Extension (Triceps/Shoulders)
9. Flat Bench/Incline Bench Chest Press* (Chest/Shoulders/Tricep) *Safest done with dumbbells
10. Seated or Standing Shoulder Press

Don’t neglect your Core training! A super way to make sure you factor it in is to do your core exercises as a warm up before weight training. If muscle growth/fat loss is your goal it’s best to do cardio after weight training to maximize results.

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