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Every year Americans spend millions trying to lose weight and keep it off ~ often unsuccessfully. All the gimmicks in the world won’t help you because they are just that: gimmicks! However, proven strategies will, but you must first invoke two key ingredients: Readiness and Preparedness. Ask yourself these questions: ‘Am I truly ready to lose weight and keep it off?’ ‘Do I have a known strategy in place; am I prepared to make it happen?

Keep a food journal. When I work with clients on their nutrition goals this is one key tool I use. Begin by writing down 2-3 days of what you eat, and when you eat your meals and snacks. This will give you the bigger picture as to what is truly going into your mouth every day, and you may see where you can eliminate some foods that aren’t helping you reach goals. A good food tracker is

Consider what is realistic and right for you. My strongest recommendation is to NOT make drastic changes too soon. Case in point is a new client who has been eating fast food every day and drinks primarily coke (no water). If I recommend she eliminate all fast foods and pop that would be setting the stage for disaster. Rather, I suggested she cut back on the pop, substitute water, and tea for the rest, and focus on cutting back on meals out. I then asked her to think about what she considered ‘healthy eating’ and go with that for now. Later on, we will get more specific and the ‘ah hah’ light will go on.

Check out your home for dangerous foods. A good idea is to go through your cupboards, refrigerator, and freezer and eliminate the ‘danger’ foods. You want to make a clean sweep and get rid of foods that will undermine your success, and load up on nutritious, delicious, nutrient-rich foods. Again, if this will be a hardship consider enlisting the help of a fitness professional.

An exercise program. An exercise program that you enjoy doing is going to help you achieve your weight loss goals MUCH more readily than just changing your eating alone. The new recommendation, per ACSM, is 150 – 200 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week. If that seems daunting because fitness is brand new to you, know that this breaks down to 30 minutes a day, which can be done in 10-minute segments and still bring fitness results.

Get your friends and family invested in your success! There’s nothing like having the support of family and friends to help you successfully reach ~ and stick with ~ your goals! In fact, if you have a couple friends with like-minded goals who want to exercise with you, more the better. You will then have motivation and accountability covered; two important keys to success.

Check your weight loss progress. Monitor your weight on a regular basis to make sure you are are making headway, or losing ground. Once a week is a good rule of thumb ~ more than that can make you hyper-conscious of bodily fluctuations, which aren’t true reflections of solid loss. Your mirror and the way clothing fits are another great gauges of progress. You may find that your clothes become looser before the scales register much change, which occurs when you are losing body fat and gaining muscle.

Invest in the services of a Health and Fitness Coach. A good Coach, such as myself, will be one of the best investments you will ever make! We provide solid Nutrition Programs to guarantee your success; baseline and follow up body compositions to track your loss; accountability, motivation, and support you every step of the way.

Find the right ‘Eating Lifestyle’ for YOU. This is not about ‘dieting’ folks! In order to have lasting success, you must find the right ‘eating lifestyle’ that works for you now, that you can stick with long term. Here’s to your success!

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