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In the U.S. 21 million people (that’s 9.5% of the population!) practice Yoga, and have found it to be beneficial in many different ways.  A growing body of research now points to the many health benefits of a yoga practice ~ some of which you may find surprising!  Below are the Cliff notes of the ways Yoga can positively affect your life:


  • Having a Yoga practice is associated with quality of life improvements: The improved sense of well being alone is enough for many to continue for years (myself included!!).
  • The meditation and breathing exercises are correlated with mental health benefits.
  • Yoga may be as effective for chronic low back pain as physical therapy.
  • Yoga may help those suffering with rheumatoid or osteoarthritis.
  • Yoga may reduce heart disease risk, due to its effect on the autonomic nervous system, emotion regulation, and chronic stress.
  • Yoga may help people with Type 2 Diabetes, as it is effective in lowering fasting blood glucose.
  • Yoga may benefit people suffering from anxiety, depression, and PTSD as it regulates stress and pain responses.
  • Yoga practice reduces inflammation and boosts immunity!
  • Yoga practice positively affects gene expression, boosts telomere length, and affects longevity.
  • Yoga may protect and preserve brain health.

Lastly, it’s just plain fun! Try a Yoga class soon ~ I guarantee it will change your life!!

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