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Now we have just one more reason to enjoy our chocolate! Not only is it delicious and chock full of anti-oxidants, but it is now considered to be a ‘heart healthy’ food. Data from 55,502 people, over 13 & ½ years correlated moderate consumption of chocolate with a lower risk of atrial fibrillation.

Within this data, it was found that Women did best with 1 oz of chocolate, once a week. Men achieved best results with 2 – 6, 1 oz servings per week.

As not all choc is created equal, it is important to consider your source and percentage of cacao, especially with bars. Reach for an organic (if possible!) bar with at least 60% cocoa. 70 – 80% is even better, as that indicates less sugar and more antioxidants. Much more than 80% can be a little bitter for many folks.

Cacao nibs, (cocoa beans ground into small bits) are a crunchy addition to yogurt, cereal, or baked goods. Raw cocoa powder (organic/non-GMO) is not treated with antioxidant killing alkali, so a better choice all around for smoothies, baking, pancakes and the like.

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