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During the Holiday Season it’s super easy to overdo the eating, especially if attending many social gatherings.  It truly helps to have a strategy in mind before arriving. Tips like ‘drink plenty of water’ (makes it less easy to overeat), and ‘never ever arrive hungry’ can help you avoid that 15 – 20# holiday weight gain.  Eating a pre-party snack with fiber and balanced amounts of protein, carbs and fat can be a terrific strategy, leaving you guilt free post party!  Below are some tips to help you avoid the party pig-out:

Instead of this:                                          Try this:

Baked brie                                                       Fruit and cheese

Sugar and spiced nuts                                Plain mixed nuts

Spinach and artichoke dip                       Guacamole and salsa with raw veggies

Cheese and meat platter                           Shrimp cocktail or chicken kebabs

Pigs in a blanket                                            Bruschetta with veggie or seafood toppings

Cocktails                                                           Red wine

Cakes, cookies, cream puffs or pie        Fruit with whipped cream; berries with Mascarpone

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*From Idea Fitness Journal, November/December 2017

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