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Nutrition is a pretty hot topic these days, with nearly everyone having an idea as to what we should or shouldn’t eat, and why. Kamal Patel, MPh, MBA, nutrition researcher for Johns Hopkins University has compared our diet with people of one hundred years ago, and found us lacking. Below are the Cliff Notes on her findings:

We tend to eat the same things: Wheat, corn, and vegetable oils make up a large part of our diets. These products, especially high fructose corn syrup, are extremely low in vitamins and minerals and lack beneficial phytochemicals found in whole plants.

Our soil is less mineral rich: The plants we eat, and the plants animals eat (that become our food), grow in soil that is very low in minerals. This is particularly true of soil that has been chemically farmed as the process strips valuable minerals, particularly magnesium, from our soil. Whenever possible, buy organic/non GMO veggies, fruits, and meats!

We eat far too much processed food! It’s not the processing per say that is the problem. It’s the fact that the processing removes fiber and water, which becomes harmful if we eat large quantities. Picture grinding wheat into flour, then making that a large portion of your diet. This food becomes high in ‘acellular carbohydrates’, which can predispose people to health issues when it enters the gut in large quantities.

The solution is to focus on making healthy, whole foods the mainstay of your diet. Every single food in the plant and animal kingdom offer us a wealth of vitamins, minerals, good quality fatty acids, antioxidants, and phytonutrients. Getting good quality nutrition and keeping junk food intake low will create a healthy microbiome, and eliminate the need to take large amounts of supplements.

If we take a look around the world at indigenous cultures, we see that many people enjoy a long life, even without health care and occasional food shortages. These people never use supplements but appear to get enough nutrients for a quality life!

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