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The Holidays are almost upon us, and with it the need to have delicious (and healthy), fare to serve our loved ones. I received this recipe many years ago when my son was young. Back then it wasn’t the healthiest dessert, but it sure was delicious!! Now it seems most everyone in my family, and extended family, has some health issue. Within my fam are gluten free, Celiac, Vegan, sugar and almond allergies. Thus, I have adapted this to suit everyone and still have it be delicious and exclaimed over. The testament to deliciousness is that there is NEVER any left!


2 cups fresh cranberries, ½ c. water, ¾ c+ xylitol.

A caveat regarding xylitol: While it is a terrific product (low glycemic/good for your teeth/bakes up and tastes just like sugar), 90% of xylitol on the market is genetically modified and made in China (Bad!!). I only purchase Xyla brand, which is made from tree bark.


1 quart vanilla ice cream, softened. (I use Coconut Bliss ‘Naked’ as some family members are allergic to dairy.


I make a crustless version but here is the original, for those that can have all the ingredients:

1 c. quick oats, uncooked
½ c. brown sugar
½ c. shredded coconut
¼ c. butter, melted.


Make the crust and cool. If you are making a crustless version simply spray or grease your 9” pie pan with coconut oil.

Cook your cranberries and cool completely in the refrig. **Honey isn’t a good substitute for xylitol as it won’t gel, for some reason, and your cranberries will be runny.

Spread your partially softened ice cream/coconut bliss in pie pan. Spread cooled cranberry mixture on top.  Freeze.  Enjoy!!

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