Personal Training Bellevue | Nature and Dancing - Boost Your Brain & Metabolism!

What in the world do they both have in common? Dancing and being in nature both boost your metabolism and are FUN!! How great is that to be able to do something fun and get such terrific bennies.

Dancing causes our brains to form new neural connections and work faster. Think of the fancy footwork involved in swing dancing alone! Dancing increases blood supply to the brain, fueling the temporal and prefrontal area, which causes memory improvement. Don’t be concerned if you feel you have no aptitude for dancing, or possibly have problems with your ankles, feet or legs. Dancing can be done seated OR standing for benefits.

Doing anything in Nature helps us renew and replenish the brain. Think of how natural it is to tap into all of our senses when doing something as simple as going for a walk. Here are some additional ideas for things you can do in nature:

  • Grow a garden or work in your local pea patch.
  • Walk outside and stretch your arms overhead, then sideways, then forward fold!
  • Leave your home/office and take a walk around the block/building. Notice how re-energized you feel once you go back inside ~ even if you were only outside 10 minutes!
  • Practice being mindful of your surroundings. Once outside ‘turn on’ all your senses and appreciate your surroundings anew!
  • Incorporate any of the “Anytime Brain Boosters” while outside (see the previous blog!)

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