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Here are some NEAT exercises (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) that you can do anytime or anywhere, to bump up metabolism and increase brain health!

*While standing in line at the post office or bank, flex from side to side, with your arms overhead (feels wonderful!)

*Clasp hands behind the back, meanwhile looking up. Great chest stretch! Follow that by simply leaning forward, hands still clasped. Great hamstring stretch! Inhale while stretching, exhale when you release. Repeat several times.

*Squats and lunges (who cares if people stare??)

*March in place, with either knee high or feet close to the ground. Can also be done seated!

*Practice your balance: Stand on one leg, core engaged and knee lifted. Hold as long as possible; switch legs. Tree pose.

*Do standing hamstring curls.

*This is only for the brave and those with good balance: Perform a balancing/standing pigeon. Balancing on the left leg, bring the ankle of the right leg to rest slightly above the left knee. Hold. Switch sides. Whew!!

*While brushing your teeth, stand in tree pose.

*My personal fav, for those who watch a lot of TV: During commercials, do squats, lunges, jumping jacks and crunches. Commit to at least one week! Do pushups and tricep dips on the counter, table or wall.

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