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New research is showing that making small changes every day can help us improve our health, using the very cool concept of N.E.A.T.(Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis). While there is no doubt about the fact that prolonged sitting can be as bad for our health as smoking, NEAT is giving us some great new tools to combat an excessively sedentary lifestyle.

NEAT speaks to the calories we burn in everyday life, doing simple things such as walking to work, fidgeting, typing, housework, folding clothes, washing dishes, even chewing gum! The only activities not included are sleeping, eating, and sports. While sitting deactivates the brain, and lowers metabolism, NEAT brain boosters are simple activities we can all integrate into daily living, boosting metabolism and brain health.

The Facts: More than 1/3 of American adults are obese. In 2006 alone medical costs for people with obesity were $1,429 higher than those of normal weight. Even if you are physically active, sitting for prolonged periods can compromise your metabolic health. TV watching for those of both sex resulted in higher BMI and larger waist circumference. Additionally, watching TV for 3 or more hours a day is associated with a twofold risk of abdominal obesity, even if you are physically active! Adding NEAT activities can result in burning up to 150 more calories a day, which prevents weight gain.

Simple NEAT Activities


*Challenge a friend/co-worker to a 1 minute plank or desk pushups, every day for a week

*Walk to talk to a colleague rather than texting

*Handwrite and send a note of gratitude once a week

*While at work, get up, get a drink of water, and talk to others along the way. Water consumption can improve cognitive performance, mood, and visual attention

*Walk while talking on the phone

*Schedule a ‘walking meeting’

*Play cards or board games

*When a friend/co-worker gets good news, give her a high five or fist bump

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