Personal Training Bellevue | Migraines ~ Could Weight Be The Answer?

Migraines have long confounded sufferers and medical practitioners alike. New info is suggesting that weight may be a factor. Twelve studies involving 288,981 individuals showed that obese people had a 27% greater chance of developing a migraine than normal weight individuals. Another striking finding was that underweight people had a 13% greater chance of having a migraine.

Additionally, women and younger people, who are obese, are at greater risk of having a migraine. Unfortunately, no data can suggest why obesity is such a strong factor, but Dr. Peterlin, a lead researcher, had this to say: “It is not clear how body composition could affect a migraine. Adipose tissue (fat) secretes a wide range of molecules that could play a role in developing or triggering migraines. It is also possible that other factors such as changes in physical activity, medications, or other conditions such as depression play a role in the relationship between migraine and body composition.”

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