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We all know that we should be eating lots of veggies and fruit.  It now seems that there is a strong correlation between the amount of veggies and fruits we eat and low psychological stress (or distress).  In fact, a University of Sydney analysis of more than 60,000 adults, ages 45 and older, showed just that.  This very study confirms prior studies done in Britain, Canada and Switzerland which have found that eating moderate amounts of fruits and veggies not only contributes to our sense of well being, but also lowers risk of depression and distress.

One caveat:  these studies suggest that there is a stronger protective effect for women than men.  

Take a look at your day and factor in fruit for breakfast, fruit or veggies for lunch, and an extra big helping of veggies for dinner.  Make that a salad, where you can fit all the colors of the rainbow, providing tons of phytonutrients, keeping dis-ease at bay!

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