Personal Training Bellevue: Nature ~ Your Best Gym?

More and more people are choosing to exercise outside, rather than in a climate controlled gym.  Spring through Fall are of course the best times to workout in nature, but some people continue on even in poor weather. Exercise aside, simply being outside is better for our health:  More vitamin D is produced, mood is improved, stress levels drop, and we can actually heal faster!  

People have a greater sense of well being walking outside, rather than inside on a treadmill.  One person commented:  “You’re getting a great workout but it doesn’t feel as hard”.  

People want to be outside!  According to Hank Ebeling, owner of H4 Training in Wheaton, Illinois says “People love it ~ you’re outside, you’ve got trees.  It’s a different vibe. It get’s you out of a square box inside.” 

Science supports the idea of outside workouts, finding that when participants walked on a treadmill they felt more fatigue, tension and anger than when they walked outside.  

Outdoor workouts can be simple and flexible, using any equipment that is available, such as stairs to climb, picnic tables or benches, monkey bars, and your own body weight!  Tubing and dumbbells can help up your game, but sometimes just the human body jumping, crawling, lunging or squatting, on the lovely green grass, can be enough!

Maybe the best part of exercising outdoors is it’s just plain fun!! Indeed, exercise outdoors can make you feel like a kid again.  It’s nice to go outside and play, like we did before we became ‘responsible adults’.  So get outside and have some fun 

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