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Why Athletes Need Water Training

Experts agree that there are many benefits to training in the water.  In fact, more and more athletes are turning to the pool ~ for cross training, rehabilitation, and off season workouts, to name a few.  Here are some of the many benefits to water training:

Reducing Overuse Injuries:  The repetitive stress of intense training can cause overuse injuries.  Water training can actually reduce impact by 85%, which results in less stress and less injury!

Supplementing Land Training: Surprisingly, many of the activities we do on land can also be done in the water! Shallow water is good for jumps; deep water is good for long distance run training; transitional depths are good for racquet sports training.

Add Variety or Overcome Training Plateau’s: Working in a different environment adds freshness and challenge to workouts.  Water also provides resistance in multiple planes of movement, allowing new types of loading.

Increase Muscle Strength:  Both cardiovascular and muscle endurance training can occur in the water :)

Supplement Speed and Sports Training: Aquatic training improves core muscle strength, as muscles must work to stabilize the body against the forces of water.  Plus, coaches can teach sport-specific moves in the water.

Facilitate Post-workout Recovery:  The hydrostatic pressure that occurs when one is immersed in the water increases circulation, reduces swelling, and facilitates faster recovery.  

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