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We all have busy lives, and time is often of the essence. Add to that any athletic endeavors of yours or your family, and there is often a need to supplement an existing meal idea or have something nutritious handy for those ‘on the run’ days. The idea here is to use ‘real’ convenience food (ie: as nutritious as possible).


  • Packaged frozen fruits for smoothies
  • Greek yogurt for smoothies or fruit bowls, almonds to sprinkle on top
  • Frozen shredded potatoes for breakfast burritos
  • Cereal Buffet Bar: Set out a healthy cereal, small bowls of protein granola, nuts, dry and fresh fruits, yogurt and low-fat milk/coconut milk
  • Rice (or other) tortilla, and any leftover veggies or legumes for Vegan burrito

School Lunches

  • Chopped salads
  • Pre-cooked deli chicken, pre-mixed tuna
  • Canned garbanzos, black beans or kidney beans


  • Any of the lunch ideas work well for snacks
  • Annie’s pepperoni bites or mini pizza bagels (or another brand)
  • Hard boiled eggs, chunks of cheese, and fresh fruit


  • Pre-made pizza crust. Add to that pesto or tomato sauce, chunks of chicken, grated mozzarella, veggies
  • Burrito Bowls: Grilled chicken, packaged guacamole, any leftover veggies, packaged shredded cheeses
  • Vegetable trays with any type of hummus (there are many!!)
  • Grilled chicken thighs or breasts, rice, veggies, salad.

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