The Value of Nordic Walking for Older Adults

Nordic pole walking is a terrific way to get an upper body workout while doing cardio! This up and coming activity engages a whopping 90% of your muscles!! Rather like cross country skiing, except that it is land based when Nordic walking one is pushing their poles into the ground to engage upper body muscles. This, in turn, distributes weight away from the lower extremities and relieves stress on the joints.

Nordic pole walking is the perfect exercise for an older adult and anyone who might be living with a chronic disease. Not only is this an extremely accessible activity and simple in nature (grab poles/put on shoes ~ anywhere, and go!), but it’s ideal for people of all ages and fitness levels and absolutely awesome at engaging core muscles ☺ It also works on balance and stability issues, something that is more compromised as one gets older.

Relieving joint pain is one of the most proven benefits of pole walking, and when pain is relieved people walk more! Nordic walking is also an effective way to lose weight ~ apparently much more effective than regular walking. Jennifer Howey, a Toronto physical therapist, says: “As we age we move less. We become more rigid and loose flexibility. Poor posture and rigidity make us less able to respond to sudden changes, and we are at an increased risk of falling. When patients use the Nordic walking poles, posture and flexibility improve.”

Grab your poles, lace up your shoes, and start walking ~ for untold health benefits!!

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