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    As I continually tell my clients, one of the most important tools for recovery is to spend 10-20 minutes, EVERY day stretching!!  Your body will thank you for it, you will move without discomfort, and age with much more freedom of movement.  Basic stretches can be found on YouTube, or ask your local Personal Trainer. Below are some tips to help you get the most out of your stretching session.

  • Breathe in a way that feels natural to you or feels it’s enhancing your stretches. Never hold your breath!

  • Test your flexibility and document, by way of a short video with your phone or journaling, any positive or negative changes.

  • Take your muscles only to a position where you feel relaxed ~ never to the point of pain.

  • Stretch both sides of the body equally.  If you feel one specific area is ‘asking’ for more, add specific stretches after stretching the entire body.

  • Start slowly and add intensity when appropriate.  The body adapts over time and will tolerate a more intense stretch once you have a stretching ‘history’.

  • Don’t overstretch tendons or ligaments as this could compromise joint stability.

  • When using the myofascial roller or myo balls, be cautious and apply good judgment. Going too hard or overworking an area can cause damage and inflammation.  If sore days after using the roller, or you feel bruised, back off.

  • Stay well hydrated!!  

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