Bellevue Personal Training Helps Clients Avoid Dementia and Premature Aging

Extended Sitting Accelerates Aging & Dementia Risk

The research continues to pour in ~ spending too much time sitting increases the risk of heart disease, certain cancers, aging, dementia, early mortality and more.

Women with the lowest activity levels tended to be Caucasian, older, and obese, and were also likely to have high blood pressure, a history of chronic disease, a lower physical performance score, and have suffered a fall in the past 12 months.

Research examined telomere length (considered a strong indicator of aging) and sedentary time. People with shorter telomeres* tended to have a shorter lifespan and were thought to be significantly “older” than those with longer telomere length.  *The telomere is the end portion of a chromosome.

The real takeaway here?  Keeping an active lifestyle provides benefits at the cellular level, keeping one young much longer!

Another study looked at people that carry the genetic marker for dementia: APOE, and found that while they had a greater likelihood of developing dementia than non-carriers, inactivity greatly increased the risk of dementia in those people without the APOE gene!

The important message here is that being inactive may completely negate having good genetics.  Therefore, physical activity is one of the BEST prevention strategies!!

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