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Gut microbiota is a hot topic these days, and with good reason: A healthy gut is a key indicator of good health. Each of us has trillions of micro-organisms in our gut, with at least 1,000 known species, with more than 3 million genes! The reasons to keep your gut health are many-fold:

*Immune system support

*Production of vitamins B & K

*Protection against metabolic disorders

Recent research has uncovered the fact that there is a link between exercise and having a healthy gut. Exercise actually alters the bacterial composition of the digestive system. Athletes that were studied showed greater diversity in gut microbiota than control subjects. One particular microbe, Akkermansiaceae has been linked to a much lower rate of obesity and systemic inflammation!

More research is still to be done in this area, but for now, at least, we know that exercise is just one more important component of a healthy digestive process. ☺

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