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Wireless technology is part of our everyday lives, yet hardly anyone talks about the radiation emitted with use.  Oh sure, we’ve been warned not to hold our cell phones up to our heads or against our body for prolonged periods.  But did you ever think about the fact that most stores are wi-fi’d, along with many homes?  And that EVERY wi’fi’d area is simply bombarding you with radiation the whole time?  And that the possibility of ill health will arise from regular use?  

We are, in fact, subjected to 100 million times the radiation that our grandparents were!  Babies and toddlers are at a greater risk as their skulls are thinner and they have more water surrounding brain tissue.  For example, radio waves emit a much lower level of radiation.  Take the next step to using a microwave and the radiation level makes a giant leap upward. Now put wi-fi into the mix and the radiation emitted is off the charts!  I remember when we were told not to stand in front of a microwave because it was harmful.  And now we are bathing ourselves in it, daily, with all our ‘smart’ devices, as well as wi-fi.  

What are common sources of radiation? Cell phones, tablets, cell towers, smart meters, wireless enabled laptops, baby monitors, gaming consoles, virtual reality toys, e-readers, and the list goes on.

What can we do about it?  Other than unplugging completely from society and living off the grid, there are ~ thankfully ~ some precautions one can take.  A company called Dimensional Design Products www.safespaceprotection.com has worked hand in hand with scientists, and created products that will protect us.  These products have been heavily researched by scientists, and once on their site you’ll find plenty of research to read!  From something simple that will protect a cell phone user from radiation, to a device that will eliminate the radiation caused by wi-fi in the home (!!), this is definitely the way to go if you want to keep using your smart toys.

If you decide this route isn’t for you, I’ve included a list of steps women (or anyone) can take to limit their wireless radiation exposure.

10 Steps for Pregnant Women to Limit
 Their Wireless Radiation Exposure**

1)Avoid carrying your cell phone on your body

2)Avoid holding any wireless device against your body while using it

3)Use your cell phone on speaker or use a headset

4)Don’t use your cell phone in cars, trains or elevators (it increases the radiation)

5)Avoid cordless phones, especially in the bedroom

6)When possible, connect to the Internet with wired cables

7)Use Wi-fi only to download, then disconnect and disable

8)Avoid prolonged exposure to wi-fi routers

9)Unplug your home wi-fi when not using

10)Sleep as far away from wireless utility meters (‘smart meters’), as possible

**Condensed from “The Kids Are Not All Right”, Paleo magazine, Feb/March 2017

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