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Have you ever heard someone say they had a slow thyroid and wondered if it wasn’t just another excuse to avoid exercise? Approximately 20 million Americans have some type of thyroid disease, with women five to eight times more likely to have it than men.  Additonally, women over 60 are more apt to struggle with it.  Symptoms:  fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, cold hands/feet, sluggish bowels, depression, cognitive decline and low vitality. The thyroid sets your metabolism, controls body temp and ensures that everything runs smoothly. Because the thyroid gland is a bit complicated I’ll not go into the complex workings, but rather recommend you seek out a competent naturopath if you have further questions.  Below are the 11 reasons why most people suffer from a slow thyroid:

High Blood Sugar

Being Overweight or Obese

Chronic Inflammation


An Overworked Liver

Gut Imbalance

A Leaky Gut

Too Much Exercise

Iodine Supplementation

Low Vitamin D Levels

Low Selenium Levels

The most important thing you can do is be aware of how your body feels, on a daily basis, and watch for early signs that may point to problems:  How’s your blood sugar and insulin balance?  Have you gained a significant amount of weight in a short time? (several months).  Do you feel like you have excess inflammation or stress in your life? How is your nutrition and digestion?  Are you getting plenty of nutrients from a wide variety of sources?  If not, check in with your local naturopath and have some blood work done!   

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