Bellevue Low Impact HIIT Training!

Love the idea of how amazingly well HIIT Training works but cringe when you think of the impact to your body?  Well, here are some new techniques using totally low-impact movements.  You’ll get all the bennies of a high impact HIIT class without putting the pressure on your body!  Be sure and get warmed up for at least five minutes beforehand, using whatever method you choose…

Cliff Notes:  The effectiveness of HIIT training is based on ‘Work to Rest Ratios’.  For this particular training you can choose either 30:60 or 90:45.  If you desire a more intense workout choose the 90:45.  If not, choose the 30:60.  The first number is the work portion, in seconds.  The second number is the rest portion, in seconds.  Speaking of ‘rest’ the intention is that you keep moving ~ walk around, get a drink of water, etc.  No sitting please!!  Cycle through these exercises either two or three times.  Please do not attempt HIIT training more than twice a week.  It requires significant recovery!!

Curtsy Lunge:  Step R leg back behind L leg, into curtsy.  Repeat with L Leg.  Swing medicine ball overhead between reps.  Or, if that’s too intense do a R leg, then a L leg, then the MB.

Mountain Climber:  *Can be done with or without sliding discs.  With discs, begin in plank position, toes on discs.  Bring R knee to chest, then L knee.  Without discs simply alternate legs.

Squat ~ Medicine Ball Throw:  Standing in front of a wall, stand with feet wide and toes slightly out.  Hold your MB in front of you as you go into the squat.  As you come up throw the MB at the wall.  Catch and repeat. 

Burpee:  Instead of jumping into a plank (ie: high impact), step into the plank, placing hands on a Medicine Ball.  Stand up and swing MB overhead.

Plank Pike: With toes on discs, begin in plank position.  Lift hips up and bring discs towards your hands.

Medicine Ball Figure Eights: Stand with feet wide and toes slightly do a side to side stationary lunge.  Circle MB in front of body in a figure eight.

Burpee with Pushups: Begin burpee with toes on discs, slide feet wide as you go into your pushup.  Then slide your feet together when you rise.

Have fun!!

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