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Working out helps your body and mind feel good in soooo many ways, and also has terrific health benefits.  In fact, research now proves that over 35 different chronic diseases respond positively to exercise! Below are the Cliff Notes regarding three major chronic diseases that benefit from exercise:

Hypertension, the clinical name for high blood pressure, is associated with a reduction in overall life expectancy.  Exercise can not only help a person manage hypertension but also prevent it in the first place!  30- 60 mins of moderate to vigorous exercise, 4- 7 times each week is the ticket. Walking is a great way to start, if you are unfamiliar with exercise.  Try stepping up the pace and time just a bit, each week. 

Osteoporosis is simply a decrease in bone mass and mineral density.  Physical inactivity is among the main risk factors for osteoporosis.  One of the biggest problems associated with this is someone who has weak/brittle bones usually has weak muscles as well.  Weak muscles often precede a fall.  Research continues to show that falls after age 60, accompanied by a major bone break, usually result in death within a year.

The BEST thing you can do if you’ve been diagnosed with osteo is start exercising!!  You’ll want to choose exercises that are weight bearing, because only bones subject to loads will become stronger.  Best choices are weight bearing endurance exercises, jumping activities, and resistance exercise that targets all your major muscles (think local gym).

Cognitive Disfunction: Knowledge, reasoning, memory, attention, and language for acquiring information are all part of cognitive functioning.  Aerobic exercise and physical activity in general improve cognitive health over a lifetime.  In children, exercise not only improves health but may also improve academic performance. My theory?  We are moving more blood, carrying more oxygen, over the blood brain barrier.  Hence improved health :)

*Condensed from IDEA Health and Fitness, Nov/Dec 2016  

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