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As those who have lost weight and tried to keep it off are only too aware: It is one thing to lose unwanted body fat, and another thing entirely to keep said weight off! Below are tips from the experts that really work, some of which I’ve amended due to my 20 years in the field as a health and fitness professional:

1) Do an hour a day of ‘somewhat hard’ exercise.

2) Eat a balanced diet (3 meals/2 snacks), with good quality protein/carbs & fat at each sitting.

3) Always eat breakfast!

4) Monitor your weight on a regular basis (weekly or twice a month).

5) Maintain good eating during the week AND on the weekends.

6) Effectively manage depression.

7) Follow the 90/10 rule:  Eat well 90% of the time; 10% can be ‘banked’ for eating a meal out with loved ones, treats, etc.

8) Prevent small regains from becoming larger relapses!! (weigh yourself or have a body composition test performed by a fitness professional).

9) Use behavior modification skills to control or prevent overeating.

10) Using a journal to log your eating and/or emotions involved can be a super tool!   


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