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The Power of Your Mindset: Part 1

No matter how hard we exercise or how excellent we think our nutrition is, the reason we may not be getting the results we seek can be as simple as our mindset! Our mindset shapes the world that surrounds us. We’ve all heard the popular analogy of ‘you either see the glass as half empty or half full’. Mindset is why no two people look at the same facts and draw the same conclusion! As Brett Klika, CSCS, CEO of Spiderfit Kids in San Diego, put it so succinctly: “Psychology trumps physiology every time!” Quite simply, people who are driven and motivated can do extraordinary things; people who are discouraged on a daily basis can be upset by very minor things . Mindset is related to YOUR belief that you have the ability/capacity to affect positive change in your life.

Below are examples of Contrasting Mindsets:

Promotion vs Prevention*

A promotion mindset tries to encourage a behavior in order to achieve a goal.

A prevention mindset tries to avoid a specific outcome in order to achieve a goal.

Each of us can have both mindsets, depending on our goals.

Promotion mindsets can be better for earning short-term gains, while prevention mindsets can be better for keeping gains over the long haul.

Growth vs Fixed*

A growth mindset believes that conditions can change and people can improve themselves.

A fixed mindset believes that one’s fate is permanent, as if etched in stone.

To move from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, introduce small, gradual changes that help you believe you can change your life.

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