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Gosh, all that time you put into working out in the gym, with your trainer ~ and now you need to travel on business and have NO idea how you will keep things going.  Sheesh. It’s enough to make you want to wear the emoticon scowly face!! 

 Why don’t more people exercise when they travel?  Maybe because it’s soooo much easier just to let it go. But wait ~ all you need is a bit of creativity!  Exercise is possible in a hotel room, at the airport, even on a plane! Anytime you have 5 -10 minutes of downtime, no matter where you are in your travels, it’s a great excuse to MOVE, get the blood moving, and restore range of motion!!  Try setting your smart phone with reminders at different intervals throughout the day. Then just do it ☺

Hotel Room Workout

These exercises are the most do-able in your hotel room, but could also be done in an unoccupied space at an airport.  Perform each exercise for anywhere from 30 – 60 secs, and repeat the series 2 – 3 times.

Any kind of squat: wide, narrow, jumping, etc.

Pushup or plank (hold):  On your knees or military pushup.  If plank, on forearms or hands, and knees or toes.

Lunges:  In place, forward, walking, or reverse.

Standing side leg lifts:  Arms on hips or out to side, abduct leg out from the body, at a 90 degree angle.  Switch legs.

Hula hoop circles:  Pretending you have a hula hoop on your hips, open up your hips.

Don’t forget to stretch!

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