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‘Tis the season for vacations of all sorts ~ from long car trips and camping with the fam, to overseas travel. Accompanying the hours of sitting on your vacation travel comes plenty of tight muscles!  Below are a handful of my ‘tried and true’ remedies to loosen up tight muscles. All can be done while seated on an airplane, in a car, at the airport, or while enjoying your fire at the campground. 

 Spinal Flexion/Extension: Sit up with back straight, hands gently on knees.  Exhale, round your back, and tuck chin into chest. Now inhale and arch your back (like a cat), head looking forward or up.  Repeat, 10-15 times.  When done allow your hands to travel down towards your feet.  Stay awhile, relax, and inhale/exhale.

Seated Twist: Sit up with back nice and tall.  Place left hand on right leg; right hand reaches behind right hip.  Twist around and gently look over right shoulder. Pause. Now place right hand on left knee; left hand reaches behind left hip. Twist around and look over left shoulder. Pause. Do this 5 times on each side.

Hamstring Stretch: Keeping right leg bent and in place, extend left leg out in front of you.  Using both arms, travel down the left leg as far as possible, stopping at knee, ankle, or foot (your individual range of motion will dictate where). Stay in this position, focusing on your inhale and exhale. (count to 20) Follow the above process for the right leg.  

Chest/Shoulder Opener: Sitting up with your back straight, bring both arms behind your back and interlace your fingers together.  Push down and away from the body until you feel your shoulders and chest engaged.  Stay in this position and count to 20.  Repeat if you’d like ~ this one feels really great, especially if you’ve been bent over a laptop at the same time!!

Hip/Periformis Stretch: Sitting tall in your seat, with legs bent, bring your right ankle over and place it on your left knee.  Keeping your back straight, and hands lightly on your legs, gently bend forward until you feel the stretch ~ you may feel both hip and hamstring as the periformis is a deep hip muscle.  Hold for a count of 20 and release.  Now place your left ankle on your right leg and repeat the process.  

Happy Trails ☺

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